What is a PhD in Geography ?

At ULiège, the PhD is considered as a training of excellence, marking the beginning of the career of the young researcher, who trains to research by research.

The university has about 2,000 PhD students, men and women from multicultural and international backgrounds, who are as passionate as they are creative and persevering.

In geography, a wide range of student profiles exists. On the one hand, this is due to the diversity of disciplines that geography encompasses, but also due to the different means of financing, the different backgrounds and origins of the students. While some have "classic" paths by obtaining FNRS/FRIA/FRESH grants, others are engaged on research contracts or assistantships which allow young researchers to complete their PhD thesis. The department also welcomes, by various means, international PhD students, thus enriching cultural diversity!

Who are the PhD students of geography ?

List of PhD students


Useful docs for PhD in geography

- Download the Welcome Guide for the PhD of geography department

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